Gold Man Review


Gold Man Review, Issue 3, (November 2014) is available on Amazon and includes my essay, “Dam It”!

When I sat down many years ago to begin typing what would ultimately become my first book, Breathe, the first thing to come swimming out of my fingertips were five pages about salmon! These pages, along with a few hundred others, were ultimately cut from the book and transformed into this essay. It’s about salmon such as the June Hogs and Lonesome Larry, but also about other things like swimming, Woody Guthrie, and a few of the Columbia River dams such as Grand Coulee.

I once tried to read “Dam It” during an open mike at the annual gathering of the Fisher Poets in Oregon, and in spite of practicing over and over with a timer in my yurt,  I committed the cardinal sin of all open mikes–I exceeded my time limit and was not-so-gently encouraged to get off stage. At least they didn’t use a hook! I did get a free t-shirt and a can of tuna, prompting one of my many mottoes: “I’ll do anything for a free can of tuna!” Once I’ve outlived my shame, and most of the participants, I may try again as some day I would like to call myself a Fisher Poet.